Maritime Labour Convention


The Maritime Labour Section maintains within its functions the compliance and enforcement of the application of the standards of the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC), which is responsible for issuing the DMLC Part I document that identify the national requirements embodying the relevant provisions of the MLC on board the Panamanian Flag vessels of international navigation, circular MMC 269.


The MLS shall issue without cost, the Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance, Part I, (DMLC-Part I) in digital format where the national regulations required the certification of the vessel in accordance to the regulations and standards of the MLC, MMC 269. Link (incluir link dentro de maritime labor)


The vessel must initiate the certification process by contacting the RO of its preference of the ones listed in circular MMC 255, who will carry out an inspection to issue the valid interim certificate for a period not exceeding of six months. During these six months the RO must carry out the initial inspection required by the MLC to issue, the maritime labour certificate valid for five years. For future information please contact to the account


If the initial, intermediate or renewal inspection is not carried in the scope of the expired date the RO should request to the MLS DMLC PART authorization to issue a conditional certificate to the Including the authorizations for additional audits (MMC 269), as well certificate of exemption or dispensation letter that is required in compliance with Title 3, Regulation 3.1 and Standard A3.1 of the MLC, as well as that allowed in Standard A3.2.6 of the MLC.


The Administration maintains a list of P & I Clubs or Insurance authorized to issue the financial securities required by the MLC. Any P&I Club or Insurerance that requests to be authorized to issue such financial securities for the Panamanian Flag vesselĀ“s must follow the instructions established in the circular MMC 352. For future information please contact to the account