Maritime Training

Maritime Training Centers are educational institutions specially designed for seafaring training, which has training programs, experienced qualified instructors, quality management system, facilities with teaching classrooms, equipment and simulators, and is recognized by the General Directorate of Seafarers.

We are responsible for guaranteeing, recognizing and supervising the training of seafarers in the Maritime Training Centers, which request recognition by the Maritime Authority of Panama, in compliance with Article 33 of Law Decree No. 7 of October 10 February 1998 and the minimum standards established in the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Guards for Seafarers, 1978, as amended, and other current and applicable national and international legislation.

We certify National and International Maritime Training Centers in the following continents:

  • Asia
  • Europe
  • America
  • Panama

Herewith the requirements for processing the recognition of a Maritime Training Center in Panama:

  • Resolution ADM-260-2014 dated September 15, 2014; amended by Resolution ADM 217-2015 dated September 28, 2015 (PDF).
  • Resolution JD 003-2015 dated January 27, 2015, by which new fees for the application to be recognized as a Maritime Training Center, national or foreign, are established (PDF).

Below checklist summarizes official requirements based on article Tenth (10th) of Resolution ADM No. 217-2015:

  • Formal petition submitted to the General Directorate of Seafarers, through a competent attorney in the Republic of Panama, including: Name and general information of the contact person; List of courses to recognize; If they have Branches then indicate the courses that will be held in them.
  • Power of Attorney duly legalized or Apostilled.
  • Certificate issued by the Public Registry of Panama or its equivalent at the State of origin, duly legalized by a Panamanian Consul or with Apostille stamp, as applicable, evidencing the existence of the corporation or entity and its legal representation, with an indication of its foundation date or incorporation, its board of directors, officers and Legal Representative.
  • Certificate or Letter of Recognition as a Maritime Training Center, issued by the Maritime Administration of the country of origin, duly legalized or with Apostille stamp.
  • Payment of the corresponding legal fee (USD1,000.00) either via cash or certified check. Apologies, we do not accept bank wires or credit card payments online.
  • Digital copy of the written programs, course structure and scheme in accordance with each IMO model course or with the STCW Code or the international convention or regulation applicable.
  • Updated CV of instructors assigned for each course, with their historical info, experience and professional qualifications equivalent to the type or level of instruction or training to be conducted in accordance with Regulation I/6 of the SCTW’78, as amended.
  • Proof of an internal quality standard system, subject to the certification of an independent body of auditors with international recognition, based on the criteria pertaining to the international quality standards regulations, which degree of efficiency shall not be inferior to the current ISO 9001. Copy of the ISO Quality System Certificate.
  • Digital version of a Quality Manual and quality procedures duly implemented at the Maritime Training Center, in accordance with Regulation I/6 and I/8 of the STCW’78 Convention, as amended.

All applications must be filed locally by an attorney.

Our fees

New Applications, Renewals and Branch Offices
Course addition USD 100.00.

PMA fee for issuance of training certificate
USD 5.00.