Vessel Inspection

Process for the collection of statistical data from PSC inspections.

We obtain the following information in the database from websites of the respective MOUs:

  1. Total of inspected Panamanian Ships and total of detained Panamanian ships by date.
  2. Country and port where the inspection was carried out.
  3. Number of deficiencies that the ship obtained during the inspection.
  4. Ship details (name, type of ship, No. IMO, GT, company, class, construction date).

With this information, we feed the monthly record of Panamanian flag vessels that have been detained by the different MOUs, this table provides the necessary information for the graphs and percentages, and we obtain a comparison with respect to previous years.

From this re-collection of statistical data, we constantly obtain:

  1. Detained Ships on two or more occasions in a period of 12 months.
  2. Detained Ships after register.
  3. Number of detentions classified by port, age of the ship, type of ship, country, classifier, OR, etc.
  4. Detained ships whose inspection report has not yet been received.