Our Segumar Technical Office started working since 1980 in New York and finally the Headquarters were transferred to Panama. We provide 24/7 Technical support, certification issuance to the largest fleet in the world given them technical service and consulting in reference to all Maritime Conventions , Codes , and fore coming regulations in the Maritime Industry. Our Administration have 14 Segumar offices all around the world in Tokyo , Imabari (Japan) , Piraeus (Greece), Seoul and Busan(South Korea), Manila (Philippines), Singapore, Dubai, London(UK), Istambul (Turkey), Houston and Miami (US) and Shanghai(China) including our Headquarter. Each Segumar Office is fully independent and can provide the full service to our customers under the supervision of the Headquarter.


  • Endorsement of ITC '69 issued by Recognized Organization's
  • Issuance of ITC'69 (change of vessel's name , duplicate or lost);
  • Issuance of National Tonnage Certificate (NTC);
  • Issuance of Full Term exemption certificates (SOLAS, MARPOL, ILLC,COLREG & others)
  • Issuance of Minimum Safe Manning Certificate (MSMC);
  • Issuance of Bunker Convention Certificate (BCC);
  • Single delivery voyage (statutory) - authorization (special circumstances, self-propelled, towed & and others conditions);
  • Single delivery voyage - manning authorization or Certificate (under special conditions);
  • Reduced manning authorization due to laid up condition
  • Dry dock postponement/extension;
  • In water survey in lieu of dry dock (IWSILDD) authorization, specific cases as per MMC No. 204;
  • Multiple flag doc - ISM authorization letter;
  • Extra crew authorization letter;
  • Endorsement/authorization of sewage discharge rate – as per MARPOL Annex IV;
  • Endorsement of ISM declarations (DPA & DOC);
  • Endorsement/authorization of Multiple Load Line;
  • LSA & FFE service/inspection extension;
  • ISM initial/intermediate audit postponement;
  • ISPS initial/intermediate audit postponement;
  • Statutory surveys /extension;
  • Statutory certificates revalidation authorization;
  • Authorization for issuance of conditional statutory certificates (malfunctioning equipments, pending items & others);
  • Flag interpretation and position for specific International Conventions, regulation, codes & others) (if it is by first time It should be previously consulted to head office);
  • Single voyage authorization - due to special circumstances/pending items after PSC detention (it shall be consulted to PSC section in Panama);
  • Authorization for the issuance of interim Exemption Certificates (special circumstances shall be consulted to Head office);
  • General technical comments and recommendations;
  • Acting as liaison with the ISPS department for CSO Declaration endorsement;
  • Acting as liaison with the Maritime Casualty Department;
  • Acting as liaison with the Navigation and Maritime Safety Department (Flag state inspections and PSC);
  • Acting as liaison with segumar head office (Panama) for all the inquiries regarding MLC 2006; and
  • Acting as liaison with the different departments of the general directorate of seafarers.
  • Review ,Evaluation and approval of the Ballast Water Management Plan (BWMP).
  • The full terms International Ballast Water Certificate (IBWMC) are issued as per Regulation E2 of the Convention.
  • Analysis and solution of cases/consultations related to ballast water management.
  • Approval of Ballast Water Management System (BWMS) according to Circular MMC- 345.

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