The Directorate General of Merchant Marine introduced a new system of Circulars and Marine Notices publication to facilitate the search as well to inform any matter to be addressed to the shipping community:

Merchant Marine Circulars

Publications used to communicate the criteria, instructions, orders and notices of the Directorate General of Merchant Marine or any other Panama Maritime Directorates, including the technical and operation requirements under the Panamanian flag, legal interpretation and international standards provisions.

Marine Notices

Notices used to communicate useful information to the shipping industry. These Notices are for information purposes only.

Ship-owners, operators, agents and masters of merchant vessels, should ensure that Merchant Marine Circulars are kept on board all Panamanian flagged vessels and the content of each is properly known by all persons concerned.

A consolidated version of the Merchant Shipping Circulars can be downloaded from this new system and you are now able to see it by categories, search by number or by subject.

New Merchant Marine Circulars will be published periodically as required.